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It’s Been Three Years Since I Quit My Day Job!

It’s been three years since I quit my day job, and it’s time and then some for me to create a new bio. This is an adaptation of one that I wrote for REDNews, the commercial real estate publication that … Continue reading

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Marie Curie, The Theory of Radioactivity and the Law of Unintended Consequences

Over the years, I’ve observed multiple examples of the effects of unintended consequences imposed upon those of us (myself frequently included) striving to improve upon nature for the common good. Some of the unintended consequences that I’ve experienced have caused this thought … Continue reading

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Shade Island Book Trailer

Shade Island . . . a literary mystery, the first in my Macy Porter series. I made this book trailer for my pitch at last weekend’s agents and editors conference in Austin. The sound track is Ghost Riders in the Sky, written by … Continue reading

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