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ginger, joyce's weddingMy goal for my writing is publication; I also like to work with writers who are interested in getting published. People are always telling me that they have a story to tell, but need help in getting it down on paper. The editorial services that I offer are the ones that I’ve used on my own published novels, articles, and psychoeducational reports. My primary goal has always been to write something that others want to read. And, having written that manuscript, naturally, I’m hoping that someone also wants to publish it! Recently I’ve been taking transcripts of interviews done by others and turning them into articles for magazines, and I enjoy doing that as well!

  • If you’ve produced a manuscript that feels bogged down, I can read it for you and offer advice in these categories: structure, pacing, characterizations, character dynamics, dialogue, setting, and voice. I’m best at novels, and good at analyzing short stories, but only when I approach your stories (or mine) as chapters in an ongoing drama. I can also help with articles and papers, as long as the subject matter is something that I can wrap my mind around. At times, I’ll help you with a project for a flat fee, if I can reasonably  predict how long it will take and (more importantly) how well we can work together.
  • Editing a rough draft (many times called the discovery draft) is similar to taking a trip for the first time without having any advance knowledge about the places that I’m going to visit. I call this type of editing developmental editing (as opposed to copy editing or line editing) and typically charge between 60-80 dollars an hour for the service. So if you’ve written something that feels as good as you can get it on your own, it may be that I can help you out.
  • I’ve been asked to ghost write a story or article at least once a month for years. In my experience, everyone loves a good story and most people have a good story to tell. I’ve never ghost written before, because it’s really hard for me not to take someone else’s great story and turn it into my own version of a great story. I just get too caught up in going where the characters take me and forget that I’m supposed to be channeling for another author.
  • What I can do is take your chapter notes, even if it is only a really really bad first draft, polish it up for you and send that work to you for YOUR revisions, and then copy edit what has become a better first draft.  For this service, I charge developmental editing prices to start and then copy or line editing service charges once we’re both satisfied that the words on the pages are going in the right direction, the story’s point and plot say what you wanted to say, and that we need to work together to polish the piece to perfection. At this stage, the author and I are working together to find the right word to replace an overused or stale one, to cut out all the dead wood, to make sure we didn’t leave out any important plot points or relevant details, to make sure each character’s dialogue ‘fits’, to create depth and texture, and to hone the metaphors and analogies. Copy editing and line editing charges are typcially around $30-50/hr depending upon the nature of the project.

If you’re interested in editorial services, send the first 20 pages of the manuscript (preferably as a Word attachment), with the word EDIT in the e-mail subject line. In the text of your email, tell me about your history as a writer, your current project, and what kind of help you’d like from an editor.  I am also available as a facilitator for small writing groups in the San Antonio area


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