Multisensory Teaching in Action

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  1. Mariflor says:

    This video is very helpful. Can I use this in one of my seminar workshop in Multi Sensory learning in Action so that local teachers in our town can be motivated more to work in spite of our minimal resources inside our community classrooms.

    • Janis Arnold Janis Arnold says:

      I’m sorry to hear about the dearth of resources available to your teachers . . . feel free to use any of the material on my website. Besides working as an advocate for children who have been denied special education services in Texas, I go into classrooms and help teachers analyze specific student needs and inventory resources present that might be used more effectively. I also help schools coordinate available volunteer resources and services and promote parent school cooperation that will benefit your students. Please contact me at [email protected] for additional suggestions. Based upon your location, perhaps I can provide a pro bono initial consultation to get you started!

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