The Loving Service

The Loving Service Committee of AHUMC’s United Methodist Women was organized on January 22, 1974 by Lorraine Horner and her assistant Mabel McCann. Its mission was to provide food and house-sitting services to church families during times of bereavement. Over the years, the Loving Service ministry has grown and changed. Today AHUMC families grieving the loss of a loved one are offered a catered and staffed reception at the church following funerals or memorial services. Chairwomen Sandy Boyd and Terri Ross notify Loving Service Food Teams and Reception Teams, which continue to be staffed completely by volunteers, about specific requests/needs for upcoming funerals and memorial services. Following long-standing tradition, Loving Service Receptions are a gift, given with love, from the AHUMC congregation to bereaved families of church members. In the words of Terri Ross, Loving Service is truly a loaves and fishes undertaking!

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